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Teacher Training: Online Workshops

Syntax Solutions' Teacher Training Program (CPD) offers teacher training and resources to teachers around the globe.

Our CPD programs equip teachers with state-of-the-art instruction methods and self-development ideas. The core concept of our workshops provide teachers with the relevant resources to tackle the many situations that arise in the classroom daily.

CPD workshops provide participants a comprehensive set of resources and practical guidance. And, assist EFL/ESL teachers to provide effective, productive, and positive learning experiences for their students, learners, and participants.

Additionally, our support network guarantees continuous self-development for teachers as they put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. Whether it be in the classroom or the training room, teachers are given the opportunity to share their personal experiences with other teachers worldwide via our social media channels.

Young Teacher
  • Technology - Pedagogy - and - Content Knowledge

  • What is your TPACK?

  • Implementing Edtech applications into online learning

  • Project-based Learning and Teaching

  • Integrating PBL into face-to-face and online learning

  • Managing a PBL learning cycle

  • Content Language and Integrated Learning

  • Deeper Learning with CLIL

  • The four Cs of CLIL

  • Task-based Learning and Teaching

  • 99 Questions teachers have about TBL

  • Combining authentic language to meaningful tasks 

  • Task-based Language Assessment

  • Performance-based Learning 

  • TBLA and the Communicative Skills Approach 

  • English as a Medium of Instruction

  • Content teaching in English for non-natives

  • Developing C1-C2 language competencies for the EMI classroom

  • What is your Business English teaching context?

  • What topics need to be covered?

  • Taking an organizational approach

  • What is your online teaching context?

  • What topics need to be covered?

  • Taking an organizational approach

  • The In's + Out's of classroom management in a L2 learning environment

  • 14 Reasons to Use Mind Maps in a L2 Learning Cycle

  • Based on Ron Morrain's TBL + PBL Teacher's Manual

  • What is Language Coaching in an EFL context?

  • Deliberate Practice in action

  • Deliberate Challenge is practice 

  • What comes after coursebook-driven instruction?

  • Getting your learners to become creators of content

  • Integrating TBL - PBL - CLIL 

  • Exam-oriented Learning

  • Introduction to the ABCs of Working with Adult L2 Learners

  • From Theory to Practice

  • What are your Teacher Superpowers?

  • What competencies and skills are needed to be an effective teacher?

  • What leads to Teacher Efficacy?

  • What marketable skills do they bring to the table?

  • How do you fill in the blanks? (Future Proofing your CPD)

  • Creating Creative Products in a TBL / PBL Learning Cycle

  • The Role of a Language Teacher in a L2 TBL / PBL Learning Cycle

  • The Ten Most Important Points of CPD

  • Walking through the Teacher's CPD Jungle

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