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Focus on Teaching BE

Course Description:


Learning Objectives:

- Getting beyond the coursebook

- Participating and Leading a Brainstorming Session

- Integrating TBL and PBL into personal learning and teaching practice (Deeper Learning) - Participating in assessment loops during the online learning cycle - Using a Deliberate Practice Model for self-improvement - Assessing personal learning outcomes with Performance-based Assessment

Target Group:

- Teachers and trainers interested in improving their teaching practice

- Teachers working at state schools, universities, technical colleges, and language centers

- Teachers working in the secondary, tertiary, or corporate learning environment

- Owners of private language schools

- Directors of Language Departments

- Freelance teachers


- Workshop Language is English - Language Pre-knowledge is a minimum of B2+

- Attendance of the Tech Check meeting is required


Tech Requirements: 

- Good Internet connection

- PC or laptop, and smartphone

- Access to workshop materials will be sent via Email before the workshop takes place

- Participants are required to look over the pre-sessional materials and work out some of the tasks before the first online meeting.

- In order to optimize the online learning experience, participants should be ready to hit the ground running and to be ready to share their knowledge and task results.

Focus on Online Lesson Planning

Focus on Online Lesson Planning

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